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HL7 2.5 Parser issues

Oct 8, 2014 at 10:03 PM
We have discovered that our OML_O21 and OUL_R22 messages created with nhapi are not parsed properly.

We use the 2.5 API to create the two aforementioned message types, and the data comes out with all properties in the expected format.

But if we read the files back with nhapi only some of the properties get loaded.
Specifically, the SPM segment contains about 50% NULL properties and OBR is missing about 25%.

Note that the PipeParser is not throwing an exception to its caller, so we are not seeing any issues parsing the file. (where there obviously is some problem)

Based on what we have read here on CodePlex and previously on Sourceforge we are assuming these are not known issues and there is no support for them, so we may have to modify the source code to get past this barrier.

Please let us know if this is a known issue and/or if any fix is planned.